Banknote detectors, currency counterfeit detectors, banknote countersBanknote detectors, currency counterfeit detectors, banknote counters




DORS 200 
Automatic banknote detector DORS 200 is designed for authenticity verification of US dollar banknotes of any value since 1988.

DORS 200 has modern ergonomic design and compact size. Detector performs high-speed secure detection of banknotes. Long–living and user-friendly device. Much more reliable than multi-currency Chinese detectors, easily detects "super-counterfeits".

DORS 220
Automatic currency counterfeit detector DORS 220 is designed for authenticity verification of Euro banknotes of all values and emissions.

DORS 220 possesses such qualities as compact size,  ergonomic design, high detection speed and extremely secure detection. This is easy-to-use and operable device. Much more reliable than multi-currency Chinese detectors.

DORS 1200
Universal viewing counterfeit detector DORS 1200 is designed for comprehensive visual authenticity verification of bank notes and other security printing documents and performs up to 11 types of control.

DORS 1200 money detector is equipped with built-in video camera with optical IR-filter, two-band upper IR-lighting, upper UV-lighting, upper oblique white lighting, bottom white diffused lighting, high-contrast colour LCD TFT-monitor 3,5” and sensor control panel.

Ultraviolet banknote detectors of DORS 50 series are designed for visual counterfeit detection of all world currencies and papers 

This banknote detector is used for authenticity verification of fluorescent protective marks in ultraviolet rays. 

Viewing Mini-detector DORS 30 has self-contained power supply and designed for visual authenticity control of presence and location of protective elements made by magnetic inks on banknotes and security printing documents.

DORS 500
DORS 500 binding machine is designed for automatic binding of banknote bundles and documents with one cross binding stripe. Banknote banding is performed with special paper-based heat-sealing tape.

Banknote detectors, currency counterfeit detectors, money detectors



January 2016
Product list updated on a regular basis has been drastically expanded.

July 2013
New sister company used for overseas operations.

September 2010
Voudric Corp. has been accepted as V&T distributor in UK.

1st April 2008 
We now offer new modification of one of our best-sellers - Infrared Counterfeit Detector DORS 1000. It is designed for visual authenticity control of world currencies and other security printing documents for the presence, arrangement and quality of security IR-marks.

DORS 1000 has new ergonomic design. It is notable for the use of new generation of circuitry engineering and high-contrast monitor that guarantees high reliability and long device service time.

28th February 2008 
We have launched new online detectors shop at

17 to 20 September 2006 
Many impressive attractions were found at CeBIT Asia 2006, which we participated

September 2006 
Voudric corp. became DORS distributor in UK


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